Shopping A Latex Scuba Gear Wetsuit?

How can it already be so hot outside? It is barely summer and already this week has been so hot that a short walk to the mall made me feel as if I might melt! I know it might have helped had I not been wearing latex pants in these temperatures, but I just can’t resist the feel of it against my skin. It is totally worth a little warmth in all the right places.

Latex Scuba Gear - What Do You Think?

Latex might not be the best thing to wear on a outdoor trek to the local mall, but I did find something to make hot days at the beach more enjoyable, thanks to YouTube, of all things. I stumbled upon this video during my daily latex video search and it did get me inspired to do some shopping! Of course, I’m not quite sure if a complete scuba gear is what I am looking for, but perhaps something more like a swimsuit or something similar would suffice. I will let you know what I find after a bit of online shopping for just the right latex suit. No doubt that whatever I find will be quite a bit kinkier than you normally see on the beach. I never was one for fitting in with the crowd. I love having my own unique style and showing off my fetish wear at every opportunity.

Aside from checking out sexy scuba gear videos, I am still on the endless job hunt. I did have an interview earlier this week. It was for a sales representative at a local store, but they didn’t seem that interested in me, so I’m not optimistic about it. God, I hate being unemployed! It is really putting a damper on my need for new latex finds. Just imagine all the things I could buy with a little more money available! I’m sure that most of my salary would have gone directly to buying a gorgeous latex skirt I have been looking at for weeks now, but can’t afford . . . yet!

Wearing Latex Skirt For My Nex Interview?

Right now, I am barely able to afford the rent on my apartment. Thank goodness for the kindness of the suitors and the small unemployment benefits that keep a roof over my head and food on my plate. Otherwise, I might be blogging about homeless life from a nearby library terminal and where on earth would I keep all of my beloved latex? I have yet another interview this coming week. This time, with an individual needing a personal assistant. I really need that skirt for the interview! Perhaps it would be my good luck charm and he will be someone that can appreciate someone with my particular preferences. Oh, well. I suppose I will just have to hope for the best with one of my existing latex skirts. If nothing else, maybe it will turn him on so much he’ll be forced to bend me over his knee and give me a good flogging.

What a delicious thought! Wish me luck!