I've found A Vivid Red Latex Bikini!

This heat is still killing me. I had to practically peel off my latex bodysuit after being out in this weather. I love the way it clings to my skin, but in this heat, it can be a little unbearable at times.

Anyway, as you know, I’ve been searching for that perfect latex piece to wear on the beach this summer and I think I’ve found it. You aren’t going to believe this, but it was on eBay, of all places! It’s a vivid red latex bikini. The top looks like it is molded to your tits and ties in the front. It totally shows off what you’re blessed with in the most perfect way. I can only imagine how it feels wrapped tightly around your skin. The bottoms have a spider web top that shows off your abs and flows down into a pair of sexy hip hugging bikini briefs. It is the perfect outfit for someone with my wicked curves.

I’ve been watching it for a few days now. The bidding is still open for a couple more days and I’m debating whether or not to try to win it. I can’t really afford it if it goes too high, but right now it’s starting pretty low and I can hope to catch it at a good price. It would be a stand out at the beach, guaranteed to turn the heads of everyone who saw me strolling along in it. Lord knows I love the attention. I really need to get a job. There are just entirely too many great latex outfits out there that are begging to be worn on my hot body.

I did have my interview for personal assistant this week. It did not go well at all. The woman seemed quite prudish and she took one look at my black hair, thick eyeliner and studded latex skirt and made up her mind about me, I’m pretty sure. I had not expected a woman with a stick up her backside. It had been my impression that the person needing an assistant was male and I had fully intended to work my sexy voodoo magic on him to get the job. Instead, I had come face to face with this old hag. Oh well, it is her loss. There is bound to be someone out there that can appreciate my originality and style.

One thing did go well for me, though. She might not have liked my skirt, but there was a distinguished looking older gentleman that I met in the hallway outside of her office that was very interested in speaking with me. In fact, he wanted to do a lot more than that. I was more than happy to go back to his room with him and let him spank me like a naughty little school girl and, in return, he contributed generously to my latex purchase fund.

Come back next week and I’ll let you know if I scored . . . on eBay.

Kisses from Leila
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