My New Sexy Red Latex Bikini Finally Arrived!

Hey again! I am so excited that I can barely type! Guess what came in the mail today? That’s right! My hot new red latex bikini. I’ve already tried it on and modeled it for my bedroom mirror. It looks and feels like it was made just for me. It pushes my plump breasts upward, giving them that perfect, perky cleavage that men love and the bottoms hug my sexy ass just right. I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now!

The job front hasn’t been nearly as thrilling. I went for my interview at the motel I was telling you about. It wasn’t at all like I thought it would be. The woman that interviewed me seemed like a real prude. She kept looking at my latex skinny pants and the white ruffled shirt I was wearing with a look of distaste. Granted, I was wearing a black latex corset underneath that showed off my tits quite nicely. Anyway, she was polite and all, but it was one of those fake nice acts. I knew she wasn’t giving me the job even before the interview was over.

I did get a consolation prize. There was a hot looking twenty something working in the hedges when I left the hotel and he made a point of striking up a conversation. One thing led to another and next thing I can tell you is that we were sneaking into one of the empty rooms of the motel and getting kinky. He started out by just enjoying the way his hand sounded as it smacked my latex covered backside. In no time at all, he was sliding them off of me and continuing to punish my bare ass. I was soaking wet by the time he was done.

Apparently, he was pretty horny too. He made quick work of getting me out of everything but my latex corset, which he specifically requested that I keep on while I climbed on top of him and rode him like a wild bull in a rodeo. I have to say that he was hung like one too. It was quite a ride! After we were done, he watched me get dressed and then we snuck back out of the room. We were halfway down the hallway when the woman that interviewed me saw us and started yelling at him loudly. I took off in the opposite direction and got out of there, but laughed all the way home. It turned out that the guy was her son.

So, I guess it is back to the classified ads for me. If I wasn’t positive that I wasn’t getting the job before that, I had no doubt after she busted me banging her precious son. A part of me says that I should select tamer clothing to go on interviews, but the truth is that I rather not work for someone who doesn’t appreciate the latex clothing I prefer to wear. So, I’m off to peruse the ads. See you next time.

Kisses from Leila

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