I Often Eear Latex Underwear Under My Workout Clothes

Hey. Here I am again. I have to admit that I’ve been feeling pretty down this week about the whole unemployment situation. It is hard to believe that there aren’t any jobs out there for me. It’s too bad there isn’t a latex fetish store around here. I’d be a shoe in for that job. We do have a few lingerie stores that carry latex items, but none of the really kinky stuff that I like to wear.

Latex Girls Top 100

I’ve been trying to work off some of my frustration by going to the gym. I figure it serves two purposes. It will keep me in shape for the tight latex clothes I prefer to wear and give me something to do with myself during all this down time. I know it will sound weird to someone who doesn’t understand my love for latex, but when I’m planning on just a light workout, I often wear my latex bra and thong under my workout clothes. I love the way they stick to my skin as I perspire.

There is something oddly erotic about peeling them back off of my sweaty body and then stepping into a cool shower. If you’ve never done it, you should. You will absolutely love it. Just make sure you stick to the days when you aren’t going at it too hot and heavy and use a little baby powder to prevent chafing from the close fit of the latex to your body during movement.

The good news is that I met kind of a sugar daddy that’s really into latex. He likes for me to come by his office at the company he owns and do a little strip tease for him. So, I get dressed up in a very plain long skirt and button down blouse, pull my hair up in a bun and stick on some glasses to make myself look very prim and proper. Then, he pretends that I’m a sales person come to offer him a deal on supplies, so that he can keep saying that I need to do better than whatever I offer. It always ends with me doing a slow strip tease, letting my hair down and tossing my glasses aside. I end up in just my latex bra and crotchless latex panties giving him a lap dance that results in me riding him on his comfortable executive chair or him pushing me across his desk and putting it to me hard and fast.

It’s a win-win situation. We both get our rocks off and I get the added bonus of him paying my rent. When you are unemployed, that is a huge bonus to just get some of the stress off of you. This serves that purpose in two ways. Plus, he is going to try to help me get a job. He can’t hire me for his place, as I don’t have any of the skills they require and it would raise questions, but he has contacts all over town. Let’s hope he comes through.

Kisses from Leila

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