My Favorite Was A Sleek Yellow Latex Tank Dress

Hey! What’s up, everyone?

Well, still no job. Nothing new there. I do have some job leads, but nothing that seems overly promising. I’m still waiting for my sugar daddy to come through. At this point, I’d settle for anything that will help me pay the bills and still have a bit left over to buy my beloved latex. Right now, I’m still having to depend on the kindness of strangers to get new pieces for my wardrobe.

Speaking of which, that hot guy I met at the motel where I interviewed with his hideous mother has been very generous. From the looks of him, you’d think he was just a handyman of sorts, but he has businesses of his own all across town. He was just helping his parents out at the hotel because their usual crew bailed on them. So, he was filling in until they could replace them.

One of his businesses is a clothing store, but they don’t carry latex items. It’s more of an upscale boutique for the high society types. But even though he doesn’t sell it in the store, he has the ability to add items specifically for me to his orders. He gave me a book filled with some really classy pieces to choose from. I dog marked quite a few pages and circled the items on each I would like to have.

My favorite was a sleek yellow latex tank dress. It has a scoop neckline that will show off my cleavage perfectly and it stops just past my ass, exposing my long, lean legs. I can’t wait for it to arrive so that I can see myself in it. I am going to have men drooling all over me, just begging to peel me out of it and have their dirty, dirty way with me. I found quite a few other risqué numbers too, and even flagged a couple of fairly simple knee length skirts. They will suit my latex fix, but can be dressed down for interviews. It might be just the edge I need to get a decent job.

Latex Girls Top 100

Other than that, I’ve been having a good time with him. He loves me in all my latex and really gets off on the way it hugs my body so tightly. Sometimes, he enjoys peeling it off of me and exploring every inch of my skin as it comes into view. At other times, he likes to just rip off my panties and go at it. He seems to enjoy the sounds his body makes slapping against the latex. Next week, we are going to take the next step. No, not anything serious, but we do plan on getting heavily acquainted with some new whips and crops. I’m hoping that he will enjoy having them used on him as much as I enjoy getting a few licks of my own.

I’ll let you know how it goes the next time we chat. Bye for now.

Kisses from Leila

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