They Want Women Who Look Good In Latex

Hey! What is everyone up to today?

I have a job interview today for what might just be the perfect job for me. There is a trendy new underground club looking for dancers. Get this, they want women who look good in latex corsets and tight shorts to do sort of a go-go routine in these large cages that hang from the ceiling. Best of all, they provide the outfits! It’s not going to be a splendid career move, but it just might pay the bills and afford me some great new latex pieces for my wardrobe. So, wish me luck on that.

In the meantime, I still have some well situated suitors who don’t mind helping me out for rent or buying me new things as long as I at least model them for me. I met this one guy who is married and very straight laced, but he likes to look. So, we have a deal where he buys me what he wants to see me wearing, I model it for him and let him run his hands along the cool, smooth latex and he takes his boner home to the wife. I get to keep the outfit. It’s a pretty great deal for me . . . and his wife.

The guy from the hotel has ordered me all of the items I marked in his catalog. I can’t wait to get those in and feel the expensive latex against my flesh. If you’ve never worn latex clothing, I just don’t know that I can tell you just how wonderful it feels. You really should try it, even if you don’t think it is your thing. I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t just love it like I do and I can guarantee that your significant other or whatever would love you in it.

Me and the hotel guy, his name is Marco, went well beyond just the latex last night when we brought out some pretty heavy duty whips and crops. He had a sensational time whipping my sweet little backside with a wide latex covered crop. I love the way it stings my skin as it strikes my bare bottom. He had me all worked up in no time. I wanted to do nothing but jump his bones. Of course, he had other ideas. Before he would give in to my desire, he insisted that I put him on all fours and use the soft leather whip on him.

I have to say that I did enjoy the angry red streaks it left on his back and butt. They were more than just a little exciting and I was wetter than ever by the time he had given up our safe word and stopped my little punishment session. We ended up screwing like wild rabbits. I can only see this escalating, can’t you? I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time, I hope I’ve given you something wicked to think about. Bye for now.

Kisses from Leila

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