All-Whie Lace And Latex Corset

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a lot of fun out there. I know I have been.

I think I finally had some luck with a job interview. So, this weekend, I will be dressed in an all-white lace and latex corset with matching white shorts. It is so tight. My rack almost spills over the top and you can see the half-moons of my backside. I love it! Plus, the black lights in the place will make it really pop when the lights are down low.

Basically, my first night is a try out. I get a tiny base salary and tips, so the more popular I am, the more money I make. I plan to work it like nothing you’ve ever seen before. If I do well, then they will invite me to come back for more gigs and after a while, I can get more hours. It’s not going to pay all my bills, but it will help. Combined with the favors I am getting from some of the generous men I see, it might just allow me to buy more of the PVC I love and have a bit more fun than I’ve been allowed lately.

I haven’t gotten the shipment from the hotel guy yet, but he told me that it might take several weeks for it to come in with the large order he placed for the store. I’m really excited to see all the latex goodies I picked out from his catalog and get to try them on for him. Unlike the married guy, he will be more than happy to take full advantage of how horny the latex makes both of us and he is very talented with his hands and tongue, as well as other things.

Speaking of him, Marco, we spent a bit of time getting more involved in the BDSM gear he has. Though I still enjoyed a good spanking with the crop, this time he brought me a huge latex dildo to use on myself while he watched. I took my time, sucking on it slowly while he watched. It was a huge turn on for me, too. I was nice and wet by the time I finished putting on a show for him and finally slid it between my legs. He stood stroking himself as I let it glide slowly in and out between my long legs.

Pretty soon, I was completely lost in getting off and was slamming it in and out. Unable to take anymore teasing, he grabbed me and threw me face down on the bed, leaving my new toy inside of me while he filled my remaining hole. It felt completely amazing to be using the latex on myself while he drilled my tight little backside. I’m getting wet again now just thinking about it, so I’m going to go use it again. Bye for now.

Kisses from Leila

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