My Quirky Latex Fetish Makes It Difficult To Find A Job

Just me again . . .

As usual, another dreadful day on the job front. There just really isn’t anything out there for a girl of my talents. Especially when you add in my quirky latex fetish that presents itself in my every day apparel. People just don’t appreciate diversity like they used to. They want a bunch of carbon copies that all dress and act the same way. Toss an outspoken woman such as myself in the mix and it feels like chaos to them.

On a better note, my date with the hot guy who is into latex went much better than my job search. My over the top selection of outfits did just the trick I thought it would. He was completely into it and almost salivating on himself before we even finished dinner. I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it back to my place before he pounced on me like a wild animal from the zoo. Let me tell you that he did not disappoint outside his cage either. He was very aggressive and very talented with his mouth, if you get my drift. Within moments of arriving at my place, he had pinned me across my kitchen counter and shoved my skirt up to get a taste of me. It was all a whirl from there. It felt like he spent hours licking and biting at every inch of skin before finally removing my clothing and getting down to the business of what he had in mind.

Not only did he spend hours getting to know me orally, but he took up plenty of time to really get the job done over the course of the night. By the time daylight arrived, I was sore and exhausted all over, but in a completely satisfied way. He said he will call me and I think he might, but I won’t hold my breath. He doesn’t strike me as the sort that will be breaking down my door. Though the sex was off the charts fantastic, he just seems like a “when the mood strikes” sort of guy. I can live with that.

Besides, I still have my go to guy, Marco. He isn’t the most imaginative lover, but he is well equipped and gifted in the areas he chooses to delve into. I’d really like to find someone that meets all my criteria and settle in with him, in all honesty, but until that guy comes along, I’m perfectly content to mesh different aspects of suitors to make do.

I am going to go for now. I have to get ready for an interview down at a local pet rescue operation near where I live. It’s definitely not my ideal situation, but they are looking for someone to man the front desk and I would think that pet mongering can’t have that strict a dress code. I might just fit right in!

See you all next time!

Kisses from Leila

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