It’s me again. I’m just sitting around in an almost see through white blouse and black latex skirt waiting for time to go down to the employment office for a meeting. They make you come in every once in a while to see how your job search is going. Too bad I don’t have anything great to tell them. I’ve been trying so hard to find a job, but nothing has really panned out yet. Sometimes, they will give leads to jobs, so maybe I’ll get lucky and find something off one of their appointments.

Other than that, not much is going on right now. I still haven’t heard from the hot guy. I guess he didn’t have as good a time as I did. Marco is out of the town for the week too, so I have no backup plan for my lack of sex. I guess looking for a job is really all I do have to do this week.

Of course, I’m already thinking about a little shop that isn’t far from this office which has always had some pretty cool latex clothing. I haven’t been in there for a while, so there is bound to be some new items that I will find of interest. The problem is that my budget doesn’t allow for much right now. Perhaps I can at least pick up a new bra or thong.

I wonder what the odds are that the person doing my follow up today is an attractive male and has a latex fetish. I’m not opposed to stripping down to my latex boy shorts and letting him touch me inappropriately or even climbing under his desk to blow him if he can finally get me a job somewhere. Desperate times call for desperate measures and I am very desperate at this point. I was still thinking about the whole web cam thing. I don’t know if I could really go through with something like that. I mean, it would be great money. There is a huge demand out there for latex web cam chats, but I’d be kind of worried about who would see me. You never know who is on the other side of the computer screen. If I insisted on doing something like that, you would never know when you met someone that recognized you. It could really wreck a real career down the road.

Perhaps I should just stick to hoping I get lucky and land a job in old fashioned way, by blowing the boss.

They are calling me back now, so I guess my phone blogging is over for now. More later!

Kisses from Leila

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