I’ve already considered being a latex webcam sex goddess

It’s just me again.

Well, the employment office was a bust. The man I spoke to was fairly geriatric and seriously not impressed with my latex clothing. He even went so far as to tell me I need to dress more professionally if I intend to get a job in an office. When I told him that I didn’t see it changing, he suggested that I might try working somewhere a little less in the public eye. Then, looking over his glasses, he recommended I try the adult store down the street. I thought it might a bit suggestive, but the disdain on his face for me said it was not. So, I left with only one contact and that wasn’t one from him. It was from a guy I met out in the parking lot who wanted me to come and dance at this club. Ordinarily, I would have just handed his card back to him, but stripping isn’t looking too bad these days. I’ve already considered being a latex webcam sex goddess, so it’s only one step away from that, right? For that matter, maybe the adult store down the street wasn’t such a bad idea.

I’m just really frustrated that people look at me and instantly assess me as capable of those type jobs merely because I prefer wearing latex over silk and cotton. I do adore a nice blouse and fairly sedate heels, most of the time, with my latex skirts or pants. To me, it is played down enough to look sophisticated rather than racy. I am not sure why so many people find it so distasteful when so many others find it sexy, erotic.

At any rate, I’m not changing my style just to please the vanilla people in the world. I just have to keep faith that there is a job out there that I am meant for and that the person doing the hiring for it will embrace my sense of fashion. I just have to stay focused and keep looking. Speaking of latex, Marco is back in town and he brought me the most delicious leggings. He said he got them from a sales rep who was interested in him adding them to the collection in one of his shops. They are black with a slight shimmer to them, a very thin latex that looks almost like a second skin and fits precisely like one. I am completely in love with them. Of course, he wasted no time in having me try them on and model them for him.

It took even less time for him to slip me out of them and slip himself inside, instead. I am really glad that he’s home. I think I might be getting a bit attached to him. We’re going to an erotic art show at one of the more risqué curator’s homes. He said that I am the perfect date and encouraged me to dress in as much latex as I desire. I’ll let you know all about it.

Until then, goodbye!

Kisses from Leila

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