I was all decked out in a hot red latex skirt and corset

It’s me. Hope you are all well out there.

I’m so bummed out about finding work. I just can’t catch a break. I’ve been really stressing about the rent lately. I was lucky that Marco bailed me out this past month. He is very good to me, but I hate having to have him cover my bills when I should be working. Being without a job for so long is tough! I’m trying not to get too down about it, but it just feels like a never ending beat down and I’m so ready to get to work. Anyway, enough about that.

Let me tell you about the cool party I went to with Marco! He has a lot of creative friends in the clothing and art industries. One of them was having an erotic art show at his home. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what that meant until I went to it. All I can say is WOW! I was all decked out in a hot red latex skirt and corset Marco had bought me. I topped it off with a pair of black thigh high latex boots and silver pantyhose that played nicely off the zippers on the latex outfit. I wondered if it was maybe too much until I got there and took a look around. There were people everywhere and some of them barely had anything on! There were live art sets arranged all through his house, which was a total mansion. The art sets featured very erotic content. Basically, it was like a sex show more than anything, with couples engaging in all sorts of kinky activity on sets the artists had painted. Some of the people were painted themselves. It was crazy and extremely arousing.

My favorite set was one in an enclosed room where the couple were all in black so they couple be seen except when a black light pulsed on and off illuminating the man’s cock, painted to glow a bright orange in the dark. Each time the black light blinked on, you could see him entering the woman’s body in different ways. We stood there and watched his hardness plunge into her every orifice. I was so turned on that I could have jumped Marco right there on the spot, but I controlled myself.

We wandered from room to room, sipping champagne and munching on the most exquisite food from various platters. It was like being a member of some sort of high society sex underground. It’s not every day that an unemployed girl from the cheap side of town can mingle among the elite and no one bat an eyelash. I even had a number of comments on my outfit from some of the men and women that attended. After we left, Marco and I could hardly make it back to my place before he was pawing at my clothes to get me out of them. Our sex life is always great, but I have to say it was off the charts that night. Hopefully, I’ll have more to tell you soon.

Until then, goodbye!

Kisses from Leila

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