A couple of days ago I popped into Walmart to pick up a few things and I ended up bumping into my neighbour Tony at the checkout. I struck up a conversation with him; he's super cute and I've been waiting for him to ask me out. While we were talking he kept looking at my outfit, especially my ass. I was wearing a short black shirt with black latex leggings. He said that he really liked my outfit, the leggings were really flattering on me. I knew what he really liked and made a show of bending over more than necessary when putting my items on the conveyor belt. As we were leaving the store he offered me a ride home and I accepted because it would be faster than waiting for the bus plus I meant I got to spend some time with him. He started the car up and before pulling out of the spot he accidentally brushed against my leg as he reached to take a quick sip from his water bottle. I knew it wasn't really accident and pushed my leg up a bit as I told him that it was really nice of him to drive me home and that I'd have to find a way to pay him.

He looked at me with a look of excitement and took me back to his apartment.

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Tony led me to his bedroom, his hand stroking and squeezing my ass through my latex leggings as we went. He kept telling me how hot my ass looked and couldn't stop touching me. He got naked and I tried to do the same but he stopped me when I still had my leggings on. He ran his hands over them then pushed me on the bed and got me down on all fours. His fingers slipped into my waistband and began yanking my leggings down, making the latex tug on my skin. He managed to get them down just past my ass and when he put his hand on my hips I bent as low as I could, opening my pussy up to him. I stretched out and held the sheet in my hands as he roughly shoved into me from behind. He went in deep and began thrusting in and out of me hard. My tits bounced and I could feel his balls slapping on me as he grunted behind me. It was a total turn on knowing I was doing this to him and I rocked back on his dick, meeting his forward thrusts. My pussy was aching and throbbing so bad I just had to touch it. I was soaking wet and my juices covered my finger as I pushed it inside.

I pumped it a few times but I needed more and slid in a second finger. I thrust them in and out of my pussy, making them slick with my wetness and causing some of it to leak down my thighs. His hand slid off my hip and began squeezing my thigh, his fingers rubbed the latex under them. I rubbed my clit in hard little circles, sending little tingles of pleasure through me as his dick pounded me. I let out a little cry before biting y lip as I came and he kept going, his dick ramming my pussy and going up in me. I took my hand away from my pussy, smearing juices on the sheets as he pulled me backwards and came in me.

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Cum and juice leaked out onto my inner thighs as I got off the bed and pulled my latex leggings back up. Man, am I glad that I ran into him.