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Heike - The Latex Fetish Queen

Heike, a woman in her mid-30s, most definitely deserves the title of "Fetish Queen." Since 1999, she has been interested in the sexy latex fetish. As a hobby, she dresses in a variety of sexy latex outfits that really compliment her gorgeous body. Her partner photographs and video tapes her in these wonderful outfits and posts them on her website

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About Her Highness

Heike is a smart and sexy blond woman that uses her great looks (and tastes) to contribute to the latex fetish world. She has fun wearing sexy latex outfits in bed, to work, when she goes shopping, and even when she sleeps. To her, wearing latex outfits isn't something just for special occasions. Instead, she prefers to express her fetish all the time. Most people either appreciate her self-expression or don't mind, and she doesn't pay attention to those that mind it. As for what she wears, she loves high heels, boots, leather, and latex. Her favorite color is black, so many of the outfits she wears are of a shiny black latex material. However, she appreciates latex and leather outfits of all forms and wears other colors too. Some of the best photos of her are of her in some delicious white outfits. As you can see, she truly is the Fetish Queen.

Videos of the Latex Fetish Queen

Okay, you've listened to me so far about how sexy and amazing Heike is, but I bet you want some proof. Good thing I have lots of it! Check out the following videos for your pleasure.

The Queen in the City

This first video is a non-explicit video of the lovely Latex Fetish Queen taking a stroll through the city. She wears magnificent boots that have a high heel, has a black form fitting dress on, and her nails are a gorgeous red. Watch as she poses next to objects and gives you a good view of the latex pressing against her body. She is also wearing glasses in this video, which add to her sexiness.

Black Latex Video

Another video you should definitely check out is this one. Heike dons a sexy black latex outfit to tease you in. It's amazingly sexy and will spark your desires. My favorite part is when she poses on top of the metal gate at about 1:10.

Latex Fetish Queen in Black Latex

Heike shows off her excellent figure again in this video. View it to see the beautiful blond with long white nails, high heels, and a sexy latex outfit show off her sexuality. This video is further proof that Heike can successfully induce lust without having to perform sexual acts - she can do it by just posing.

The Latex Fetish Queen

Heike is the Fetish Queen, as you can see by her website and videos. She's sexy, has a great personality, and is into the best fetishes. If you want to learn more about her, I suggest reading the interview she did for Hot Girls Magazine, found at this website:

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