I Have Always Loved Wearing Latex Outfits

I smirked to myself as the mailman gave me the box and asked for my "John Hancock," as he put it. I had been waiting for this package for weeks now, and finally it had arrived. I always loved wearing latex. Something about the feeling of it the moment it hit my skin made me so amazingly confident, like I could conquer anything -- and anybody. But I wasn't terribly worried about anybody besides my boyfriend. Dear, sweet Andy. Gosh, he loved when I'd wear that kind of stuff. He loved touching it, but sometimes he'd just have me strut around in my latex tank top or leggings while he laid on the bed and watched me. I'd catch him touching himself every so often, but nothing too naughty. But tonight would be the night.

I had scored myself a candy apple red latex catsuit, bright and shiny and brand new straight from a sex shop across the states. It was Andy's favourite colour, and obviously fabsic, and I had managed to keep it largely secret. Smirking to myself, I squeezed into it -- grunting and whimpering a bit along the way. I knew it'd be worth it in the end, so I kept pressing on. Andy would be home early today. Working an earlier shift as he always did on Friday made this the prime time for the box to arrive. I could get used to how it felt and surprise him with it the moment he opened the door. I breathed deep and let my mind wander to just how he'd react to it. He'd enjoy it, I was very sure. I certainly hoped he would anyway. The door clicked as it was unlocked and I jumped out of our bed. This was way earlier than he usually showed up, and I wasn't quite prepared mentally to do a "show" for him.

"Holy shit." His deep voice echoing through the room sent my hairs on end. Something about his voice always was pleasing to my ear, especially when he was shocked about my appearance. "Babe..." I chuckled coyly. "Do you like it?" "Like is so not a strong enough word."

Without any hesitation, Andy pushed me onto the bed and began fondling me and my clothes. Even through the thick fabric of my outfit, his touch was mesmerizing and electrifying. I whimpered in response to it, arching against his body as a sign asking for more.He took my cue and let his teeth gently sink into my flesh, licking my neck before working downward. His fingers wrapped around the zipper and let it down in one fell swoop, and all I could do was gasp and beg for more.

Even though latex stereotypically meant domination, I would fall submissive to him every time. All he would have to do was hit that one sweet spot at my nape and I was completely his, no ifs, ands or buts about it. He slipped his hand between my legs and I squirmed. Andy always knew just the place I loved to be touched when it came to that area, and he would hit it immediately. He liked me coming multiple times and knew just how to do it.

The first round went in a flash. I could feel the tension rise and settle within seconds, leaving me panting and begging for more.

He gave me just that, as always. He pulled himself out of his boxers and stroked a bit before slipping himself into me. I gasped immediately, whimpering with each careful thrust of his. He wasn't necessarily large, but he knew how to use what he had in a way that drove me absolutely insane. I clamped around him and he let out a grunt -- the sexiest sound to my ears. I left myself like this and chuckled as I heard his heavy breaths growing more and more difficult with every stroke; a surefire sign that he was going to come.

It never took long when I wore latex. He was usually so insanely turned on that he would come practically instantly when he'd slip inside me. But for once, he would last a bit.

Shame I wouldn't.

I jerked and convulsed as I came the second time, my heartbeat and breath so loud it was all I could hear. Andy's voice whispering my name as he came was all I could hear, which only made my heart flutter faster. I felt a warmth on my belly, closing my eyes and smiling as he finished off on my stomach. I always enjoyed how passionate he got when we did this, and all I wondered now was what would drive him even crazier. I guessed I'd have to find out sometime soon!

I Have Always Loved Latex Outfits