I Love Seeing A Woman Wrapped In Latex

I love seeing a woman wrapped in latex, the way it stretches tightly across her skin is so sexy. I'm very particular about my latex fetish and love it when they're submissive and mine to use, their only desire is to be my plaything. I went online, searched for ages and finally found a woman who had a similar latex fetish. As soon as I saw her profile pic I knew I wanted her. I told Lily what I was looking for and she agreed to be my latex doll for the night.

Latex Fetish

I went over to her place and the door was unlocked, just like she said it would be. I went upstairs and looked in the rooms until I found the master bedroom. I flicked the light on and found Lily lying in bed. She stayed still, not acknowledging me in anyway and just waited for me to use her. She was covered neck to feet in black latex, the only skin showing was her face. I wanted to touch her, feel the latex sliding under my fingers. I quickly got undressed and made my way to the bed. Her eyes followed me and her mouth gave a little smile as I got on the bed and began to touch her. I started at her ankle and slowly moved up her leg, stopping when I got to the top of her thigh.

My hand rubbed strong the slick latex

I could see the soft rise and fall of her breasts as I slipped my hand over her pussy and kissed my way to her mouth. My hand rubbed the slick latex and thought of how her wet, tight pussy was only a thin layer away from my touch. I pressed firmly against her pussy as I kissed her and I felt her body give the tiniest bit of a shiver. She was loving this just as much as I was but was playing her role perfectly. I took my lips off her and moved down once more, this time nuzzling my face between her breasts. I breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of the latex and rubbed my cheek against her. They felt firm and smooth on me as I felt my skin pull against her outfit. I rested against her and felt them gently push on me with every breath. My dick was throbbing and I knew I was smearing pre-cum all over her. She didn't care though and I rubbed myself against her for a minute as I kept breathing her in. The touch, the smell, the feel of the latex surrounded me and drove me crazy. I took my hand away from her pussy and leaned over her on one elbow while my other hand wrapped around my dick.

I had never felt harder in my life and all I wanted to do was cum all over her shiny, clean latex outfit. Mess it up and mark her as mine. I gave my dick hard fast strokes and grunted over her still body as the aching throb grew. I kept going and suddenly groaned as I started to cum. I closed my eyes and let it wash over me.

I jerked my dick a few more times, the last drops of cum falling out of me then let go of myself. I looked down at the wet blobs of cum dripping over the latex and put my fingers in it, smearing it all over her taut leg. It slipped and slid all over her, making the latex even more fun to touch. I kept running my fingers over her, getting my fill of it before lying down and pressing the rest of my body against her.