I Love To Wear Latex Outfits And Tease My Sex Partners

I love to wear latex outfits, they make me feel so sexy and naughty. One of my favourite things to beside having sex in them is to wear latex discreetly and tease cute guys at parties. Doing something like that in public gives me such a rush of excitement and it really turns guys on. Last weekend I had a new latex outfit I was dying to wear and I thought my friend Ashley's party was the perfect place to wear it. It was a black latex catsuit but I wore it under a skirt and blouse so it looked like I was only wearing latex leggings. My date for the party was Justin and he loved my latex leggings so much. He kept brushing against me so she could feel them and by the end of the night I couldn't wait to show him the full outfit.

I took him back to my place and had him get naked first so he could give all of his attention to me and we wouldn't have to stop to take care of him. I held him close and kissed him I then told him I had a little surprise for him, rubbing my latex covered leg over his before taking a step back. I took my skirt and blouse off slowly, showing him what I was really wearing and he looked so surprised when he saw it. I grinned and climbed on the bed, pulling him down on top of me. "You look so fucking hot." he said, getting all turned on as he started touching me. He moved down my body, taking his time to feel how tight the latex was as it stretched over me and his finger brushed over the zipper. He tugged it up, exposing my pussy and licked his lips as he saw my smooth slit. His hands stroked the latex around it and the feeling of him being so close to my pussy made me want him even more. He put his mouth over it and began licking me with long strokes. His tongue felt rough as it rubbed me and the feeling made me so wet. His tongue flicked over my clit, making me shiver as I moved under him. My pussy was soaking and I was dying for him to fuck me so I pushed my hips up and nudged him up. He took the hint and held my legs open as he pushed his dick in me. He grabbed my thighs and yanked them up so I could wrap them around his waist. I could feel a slight tug as the latex pulled on his skin and he grunted as he fucked me. I put my arm over his shoulder and moved with him, rocking my hips up every time he went in deep. His dick hit my clit as I arched up and it felt so good that I just had to go faster. I was practically begging him to fuck me like a whore as I begged him not to stop and I kept crying out as my throbbing pussy began to tighten. Justin held my hips so hard that I could feel his fingers digging into me and my heart was pounding. I came with a loud gasp and when I finally began to relax I felt him swell inside me just before he came too.

He climbed off me and we laid there panting as the moment began to pass. My pussy felt so wet as cum and juices leaked out of me and I rolled onto my side so I could snuggle up to Justin. "Did you like that?" I asked, knowing that he did.He moaned and I told him that he could spend the night if he wanted to. Obviously he stayed and I kept that latex catsuit on until morning.

Tease My Sex Partners With Shiny Latex