I Wanted Her To Be My Latex Slave

I could feel the blood rushing down my body to fill up my cock. I could feel the heat building within me as the blood pooled inside my dick. I threw a towel on my lap and then continued “reading” my book. Hopefully the woman I was looking at didn’t notice – I meant her no disrespect. She was just amazing, from her gorgeous smile to her nice curves. I liked the way that she flipped her hair and laughed when she talked to her friends. And, I especially enjoyed the latex one-piece swimsuit that she wore.

Honestly, it was the swimsuit that caught my eye at first. My initial attraction had nothing to do with her face or body, but it had everything to do with the fact that this woman obviously enjoyed wearing latex out into public. If she likes latex swimsuits, what other things does she wear?, I asked myself, eager to learn more about this lovely lady. Does she enjoy wearing catsuits? Does the feel of latex against her skin turn her on? Is she entranced by the smell? So many questions filled my head and it was hard not to stare at her. I wished so badly that she loved latex as much as I do and that she would be my latex slave.

After a while, I glanced back over at her and she caught my eyes, flashing me a smile. I stared dumbly for a second, admiring her beauty, and then swiftly turned my head. Several minutes later, I decided that it was time to go. I attempted to discretely leave, not wanting to call attention to my erection, and I think I did well. I went into the changing rooms and I got all washed up. When I left, there was a wonderful surprise waiting for me.

I stepped outside of the men’s room and nearly jumped when I looked up to see the latex beauty.

“Hi.”, she said, smiling.

“Hi.”, I responded.

She stepped forward and put her hand on my chest.

“I noticed you looking at me…is there any reason why?”

I didn’t know whether or not to be honest, but I tried it anyway.

“Yes. I love your latex swimsuit.”, I said.

Her smile grew.

“That’s exactly the answer that I wanted. I have something to show you. Meet me outside in 10?”

And that’s how it all started. For some reason, I agreed to what she asked and I ended up following her back to her place. We got inside and I waited on the couch for a while. Then, I heard her call me in.

“Hello?”, I called, peering into her room.
I got no response, so I took a step inside the room. When I turned my head, I saw her fully naked and standing in front of a closet that was full of latex outfits.
“Are you in need of a latex slave?”

It was a dream come true. I walked over to the closet and let my hand graze against the shiny material that made up her suits. She had all sorts of different outfits with different colors and designs. Seeing something that I liked, I pulled it out and instructed her to put it on. Then, I went and sat on the bed to watch her.

She sat in a chair and slowly slipped on the blue jeans and the material made a crackling sound. My erection grew at the noise. She oiled up her skin so that as she calmly, seductively slipped her foot into the latex; it went on smoothly, rubbing tightly against her skin. She repeated with the other leg, occasionally looking up at me and pursing her lips into a smile. When she was done, she put on the long-sleeved shirt that I had selected. It was black and hugged her skin as she took her sweet time getting it on. It pressed tightly against her breasts and I could distinctly see the shape of her nipples which were hard and ready for some fun.

When the latex was sufficiently coating her body (and my dick was throbbing) she kneeled before me and asked what her master requested of her. I took her head and stroked her hair, pulling her close to me. She understood and unfastened my pants, revealing a large cock that was ready to be pleasured. Looking up at me, she bit her lip, and then she asked if her master would enjoy fucking her breasts. I commanded her to do it, so she took my dick into both hands and placed it in between her boobs, the latex rubbing against my erection. She started off gently, pumping my cock up and down between her breasts, licking the head when it got close to her mouth. I felt the latex rub against my skin, the texture smooth and yet full of a desire to cling to me, cold and yet inviting. It had that distinct smell of latex too – a smell both appealing and yet…out of place. Unless, of course, you were used to it like I was. Then it only turned you on.

She rubbed oil on my cock and then started to move it faster, the liquid making it slide even more easily against the lovely black material enveloping her gorgeous breasts. I moaned and slipped my hand down to the back of her neck and gently moved her head forward so that she licked my cock more. Of course, she happily obliged. Her moans let me know that she loved being my slave. As she moved against my cock faster and faster, I relished the feeling of the latex more and more. It was heaven, and my body showed it when I erupted into an orgasm, spraying my cum into her eager mouth. When she had swallowed it all, she looked up at me and said, “I think I enjoy being your latex slave. Let’s not stop now.” And then she winked.