Is it normal to have a latex fetish?

I have a secret latex fetish and have been hiding it from my wife. She's got no idea about the hours I've spent online looking at women wearing sexy latex outfits and jerking off to them, as well as looking for casual sex partners over at LatexSexDates.Com.

I don't want to freak her out but I'm getting tired of hiding it so I decided to surprise her with a black latex catsuit and see how she reacted. If she reacted badly I was just going to tell her that I was just trying to do something different but if she liked it then I was going to be honest about my kink. I felt nervous as I showed her the latex catsuit and she surprised me by how much she loved it.

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I watched as the latex slipped over her...

We were in the living room and she got all excited as I told her what I wanted her to do. She stood up and began taking her clothes off right then and there. I started to get hard and she grabbed the catsuit from me, putting it on. I watched as the latex slipped over her, slowly covering her up and stretching across her body. It looked shiny as the overhead light bounced off it and she led me to the bedroom, my eyes on her ass the entire way. She got on the bed and touched herself, squeezing her breasts and sliding her hands over her stomach as I took my own clothes off. Seeing her enjoy this turned me on and my dick got harder as she moaned and told me to hurry up. I joined her on the bed and she spread her legs apart, her hand going down to her pussy as she began to slowly unzip the catsuit. It split open and the shiny black latex framed her smooth pussy. I pushed her down on her back and leaned over her, my hand cupping her pussy while I kissed her. I slid a finger into her and slowly moved it while her breasts pressed on me. The latex made them seem fuller and rounder and I put my hand on top of one. My fingers skidded over the latex as I fondled her and I rocked my hips, rubbing my dick on her. The feel of the latex on it made me throb harder and I moaned as she put her leg on me, I shifted and got between her legs, pushing inside her quickly. I began thrusting in and out of her and I pinned her arms to the bed so I could keep her still as I looked at her. The latex felt nice under my fingers and she groaned as I went faster. Her leg slid over me and she bucked her hips, moving with me. She looked so sexy and I needed to feel more of her. I moved lower, practically lying on top of her while my hands went to her sides. She put her hand on the back of my head and held me close while letting out little cries. My hands slipped on her waist as I pulled her up and I shoved into her one last time. I came as my body pressed against hers, the latex covering me as much as it could.

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When I was done, I laid down and she put her head on my shoulder. "Tell me what else you like." she said and I thought of all the scenes I have watched online. It was hard to pick a few to tell her about but she loved every single one of them and I realized that my latex fetish was not as weird as I thought it was.

Is It Normal To Have Latex Fetish
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