Lady Vanessa - The Queen of Latex

Lady Vanessa is most definitely the Queen of Latex. She’s got the right wardrobe, attitude, and body for the title. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you read this and see for yourself.

The Woman in Latex

Who is Lady Vanessa? Well, she’s 42, a blonde, and lives in Germany. For fifteen years, she’s enjoyed latex in both public and private. She loves wearing leather, PVC, latex, and high heels. Through her website,, you can view her images and order some of her amazing videos.

Lady Vanessa in Action

I thought you might want to see some of her free videos to get a better idea of who she is, so I have some for you. These are all very sexy and perfect for anyone into latex. After all, Lady Vanessa is the Latex Queen.

Latex Day

This five-minute video is a great introduction to Lady Vanessa. In it, you can watch her strut around in a super sexy latex outfit that is both red and black. It really emphasizes the shape of her body - especially her breasts and legs. To make it better, she’s got an umbrella with her as she teases you, even though you can tell she’s not afraid to get a little wet or dirty.

Latex in the Home

I like this next video a lot. Found here, the video is about Lady Vanessa in a hot black and blue latex outfit. I really like the blue on her outfit; it’s a good contrast from the red and black I’ve seen her wear in a lot of other videos and pictures. It’s not any less sexy than the other colors, but rather makes her look just as hot!

Sexy Lady Vanessa

If you love high boots and sexy asses, you should watch this video. As you may have guessed from the previous sentence, it’s a video of Lady Vanessa rocking some great heels and showing off her tight ass. She looks like the greatest dominatrix ever, and you’ll certainly want her to be yours.

Latex, Heels, and a Corset

In this last video, Lady Vanessa is showing off her beautiful body in a sexy black and white corset and heels. I love the contrasting black and white of her outfit - it’s absolutely sexy. Also, her corset is amazing. You can see enough of the top of her breasts for it to be a huge tease, but it doesn’t take away from her elegance. What’s more, Lady Vanessa’s sexy expressions are extremely hot and will drive you wild.

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