Model Bianca Beauchamp: Latex Fetish Star

Bianca Beauchamp, a Canadian model, is a woman to know in the fetish world. Starting out with dreams to be a vet, and then a French teacher, her life took a big turn when she went into modeling. With the help of her partner, Martin Perreault, she has released an enormous amount of erotic pictures to the public, and doesn’t plan on stopping. She’s already been featured on the covers of many magazines, such as Whiplash, and has even done photoshoots for Playboy. With an amazing body that she works hard to maintain, her success is well earned. To appreciate her contributions to the latex world, I’d like to show you some great videos of hers.

Red Latex Catsuit on the Beach

Red is a great color when it comes to latex catsuits, as Bianca will show you in this video. In it, she wears a delicious red suit that is extremely shiny and hot. She shakes her body in front of the camera, runs around, and has fun at the beach. You can really tell that she’s having a good time! She is a big tease, and she knows it, as she has even acknowledged that she loves enticing her viewers.

Bianca in a Hot Red Latex Dress

This next video is absolutely amazing. Watch and you’ll see not only footage of the wonderful Bianca in an amazing red latex dress, but other women and men in latex too. The video was shot at Montreal Fetish Weekend, a Canadian event that is designed to bring together people in the fetish world. Everyone wears sexy outfits and has a good time, as you will see - especially Bianca.

Behind the Scenes with Bianca Beauchamp

This video gives viewers a special look at what goes on behind the scenes of Bianca’s photoshoots. The video shows Bianca in a variety of poses as she lies in a bed of red inflatables. You can see how she has a great time with her work, revealing her true passion for her lifestyle. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s wearing a very sexy latex catsuit throughout the entire video.

Bianca Beauchamp - The Red Latex Queen

The last video that I’m showing you features a variety of images of Bianca in red latex. From shades of bright red to soft pink, from entire catsuits to just tops, this video has it all. The lovely red shades all compliment Bianca, especially with her red hair. The photos where she smiles are the best, so it’s good that this video includes many of them. So, watch the video for yourself and see if Bianca really lives up to the title “Red Latex Queen” - I’m sure that she will.

If you enjoy Bianca’s work, check out her websites and store at Enjoy!