My Latex Lady In Houston

My wife sent me a text saying "Come home now. Need your help with something." We had just moved to Houston and I thought there might be a problem with the house, maybe a fuse had blown and she didn't know where the box was. I finished what I was doing and went home as fast as I could. You never know when it comes to women and you don't show up when they expect you to. When I got there I called out her name but she didn't answer so I looked for her. I finally got to our bedroom and she yelled through the bathroom door that she'd be out in a minute.

She was wearing a black latex catsuit

I sat on the bed and waited for her. A few minutes later she came out and my heart stopped. The sight was incredible! She was wearing a black latex catsuit with black heels. You know, one of those shiny full body dresses you might seen in a movie. Her hair was done up in a high, tight ponytail, giving her a young and fresh look that I haven't seen her like in years. She looked like a girl from one of the porno videos I'd favourited and had watched so many times I'd lost count. She came over to me and stood in front of me, like a latex queen. "I was using your computer the other day and found a certain video on it. I checked your internet history and found a few interesting sites on it. I'm your wife, I don't like you keeping secrets from me so now I need you to help me make your fantasy a reality." Well, I certainly didn't see that one coming! I had been a bit afraid what would happen if she one day would dig into my computer and personal files, but an outcome like this was never something I could imagine!

I watched as she ran her hands over her latex covered breasts, fondling them and moaning. I started to get hard and undid my pants. I pulled my dick out and began to stroke myself. She told me to stop and I did, not wanting to upset her since she was doing this for me. She pulled me to my feet and ordered me to get undressed. I did as I was told then sat back on the bed. I felt like I was her slave, and felt I had to do anything she asked me to! She got down on her knees and leaned forward. I stared as the latex stretched over her breasts. It was an incredible sight and made me so horny! My dick brushed against them, leaving a trail of pre-cum all over them.

She put her hands on her breasts and squeezed them tightly around me. The feel of the latex was better than I thought it would be and it roughly glided over my shaft as she moved up and down. She was following the video and I knew there was more to come so I tried to control myself. But it was close to impossible. It was as if I was taking part in the video I had seen so many times, giving me lots of fantasies while masturbating on my own.

She unzipped her catsuit

When I was on the verge of cumming I copied the man in the video and said "Please Mistress." My wife slowly stood up and pushed me on to my back. She then straddled me and reached down, unzipping her catsuit just enough for me to fuck her. The small opening in the latex gave me the access I needed. She then lowered herself so that the tip of my dick brushed against her pussy. She felt warm and I pushed my hips up trying to enter her. She stayed just out of reach and took my hands in hers. She moved my hands along her thighs, the latex slick under my fingers. She lowered herself down as my fingers played against the latex. I felt a warm, wet heat surround me as I entered her and she began to ride me. I laid there, letting her fuck herself on me as my fingers gripped her thighs. I could feel her late covered ass brush against the top of my thighs every time she came down on me. She began to moan loudly and moved faster.

I felt her tighten around me as she began to cum. I held her in place and pushed my hips up, giving a few thrusts before finally cumming myself.

She climbed off me and asked "Did you like that?". I told her she was a thousand times better than that slut in the video and pulled her down beside me so I could keep touching her. I told her that from now on I would just call her the Houston Latex Queen!

Latex Leggings Catsuit
Image Source: girl_in_leather / Instagram