My Favourite Latex And Rubber Outfits

I've always enjoyed dressing differently than others, even when I was at university. One day I showed up to class wearing a black shiny latex skirt. I thought it looked so hot but only the guys seemed to like it on me. The teachers thought it made me look like the type of girl who had no ambition, which was true but only when it came to school, and the girls thought it made me look cheap. I think the two different reactions were part of what made me even more attracted to latex outfits. I like how some people loved them on me while others found it wrong. I just never know how people are going to react to it and I feel so sexy when it turns guys on and I feel so dirty when people give me looks of disapproval.

I have a closet full of latex outfits and have ones for all sorts of different occasions. I find that most of my outfits can fit into one of three sections: every day, social and romance. The every day section is for outfits that I can wear to work or while running errands. This is the smallest part of my collection and mostly consists of latex leggings. I have them in a few different colours but my favourite ones are the black pair and the silver pair. I love how they stretch over my legs so that they feel like they're painted on. The best part is how easy they are to mix with items like jackets, blouses, mini skirts. You could even wear them with sweaters and still look good. You can wear leggings with anything and if you doubt that then just take a look at a fashion magazine; models are always wearing leggings. Of course they're not made usually made of latex but those ones don't have the shiny look that I love.

The social outfits are more fun and are for going out on the weekend or partying. Sometimes I'll wear latex panties and low cut jeans so that the g-string is visible whenever I bend over. It's such a great way to tease guys. I also like to wear a latex bra and unbutton my blouse just enough so that it's visible. Guys always look at a woman's breasts so they always spot the latex peeping out. It's so obvious when they see it, they lick their lips and their face gets redder. I know they're dying to see all of it. They try and talk to me for a bit longer, flirting with me in the hopes of going home with me. They try to hide what they're really interested in but I know my latex underwear is what's turning them on.

The latex outfits that I wear for sex are the really kinky ones. I have two latex catsuits that I wear for lucky boys when I feel like giving them a treat. One of them is black and the other one is red. They're a bit difficult to put on because they're so tight but the tugging of the latex across my skin is so hot. The red catsuit is my favourite one and I wear it the most because it has an open crotch with a small zipper. Guys fuck me so much harder when I keep my catsuit on and just undo the zipper. I also have a pair of latex gloves that I love to oil up so I can give my date a handjob with them. It drives them wild when I wrap my latex covered fist over their dicks and start stroking them as they moan and gasp. Latex is always the perfect thing to wear in the bedroom.

A lot of people see latex as kinky and not enough people wear it outside of the bedroom but I'm not like that at all. I love latex and have found lots of wears to wear so I don't have to keep it as something that I only get to do now and again.

My Favourite Latex Outfits