Where can I date women with a latex fetish?

I have a latex fetish and I find that it can make things difficult when it comes to dating. I would bring it up with my girlfriends and a few were willing to try it, but none of them were into it like I was. I thought it would be best if I dated a woman who had a latex fetish and started going to local fetish clubs and bars to meet women. I spent a lot of time going out and trying to find women who shared my latex fetish and found a few, but they seemed to be more interested in other kinks.

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It wasn't until I discovered this latex focused hook up site Latex Sex Dates that I found women who shared my latex fetish and were into it as much as I was. My first date was with Angelica and it was one of the best dates I've ever had. I showed up at her apartment like we agreed and as soon as she opened the door, I knew I had found the right woman for me. She answered the door in a metallic shiny catsuit that looked so sexy on her. It stretched tight over her body and showed off her perfect figure. We went straight to the bedroom and didn't even get past the doorway before we started kissing. I held her close to me and ran my hands down her back, letting the latex slid under my fingers as I rubbed and squeezed it. She felt so slippery and the soft tugging of the latex made me want even more. I laid down on the bed, holding her and pulling her down with me. She ended up straddling my waist while leaning forward, her hair brushing over me. I tucked it behind her ear, then put my hand over her firm ass. We kissed again and I gave her ass a little smack, liking how sharp the impact sounded on the latex. She gasped and smiled and I did it again a bit harder. The latex felt tight and smooth under my hand as I smacked her and I think it was turning her on. "You like that?" I asked and did it a few more times and she nodded then straightened herself up. She grabbed the zipper and opened up her catsuit, showing me her smooth white skin underneath. She bit the corner of her lip and started opening the catsuit more but I stopped her; I wanted it covering her as much as possible while I fucked her. I pushed her onto her back and got between her legs, then pushed inside her. I watched as I disappeared inside her and felt her wet pussy on me. I held her side and began fucking her while the latex slipped under my fingers. She lifted her ass up, meeting my thrusts and put her legs around my waist. I could feel them pressing against me as her hips thrust upward. The overhead light bounced lines of light off her and I fucked her harder, shoving in deep I keep going as she moaned and writhed under me then suddenly let out a cry. Her pussy clenched around me as she came, squeezing me as she got wetter. And it felt good. I gave a few more thrusts then began to cum as she loosened up.

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I pulled out of her and a string of cum dribbled over her latex covered thigh, I could see her cum filled pussy leaking and wondered if she'd let me clean her up. I would love to have my face between her latex covered thighs.