Angelica's Latex And Fetish Fantasies

To look at Angelica, she’s a consummate professional. She works in a high-flying office as a junior solicitor. It’s a male-dominated area but she’s always been able to hold her own, both professionally and personally. She aims to climb the ranks and become a partner in the firm before she’s 35.

Angelica is always smartly dressed. But she always makes the most of her femininity and she is always very aware of the men in the office and how they look at her. She like to wear latex tights under her short skirts, teamed with a smart blouse. The latex accentuates her great legs and teamed with latex heels, give her a feeling of power and control. She loves the way the latex feels as she struts around the office, her smooth legs sliding together. When sitting at her desk, she often rubs her hands along her thighs, enjoying the stretch and the bend of the latex under her fingers.

If she’s feeling incredibly naughty then Angelica will wear latex pants into court. Sometimes even the judge can’t stop staring at her as she strides around the courtroom. Angelica loves how the latex transfixes men. She loves the way that her firm butt is enclosed in the latex, making it so shapely and alluring. Bending over desks is her specialty – she knows the effect that the latex pants are having on the people behind her.

When work finishes at 5pm, Angelica’s time is her own. And she has a secret. Her latex fetish extends much, much further than just pants and tights. As soon as she gets home she likes to squeezes her tits into a latex top and contact the friends that she meets on

In her wardrobe Angelica has a host of outfits that she likes to meet when meeting men from But her absolute favorite is her latex catsuit. She likes to keep it for very special occasions, as a treat for both herself and the man she is with. It’s black and stretches from her toes up to her neck, enclosing her entire body in soft, smooth latex. There’s a zip that starts at the base of her throat and goes all the way down, between her tits, over her navel and down all the way between her legs and around to her butt. It means that she can have the benefit of feeling like she is fully dressed in latex whilst still being able to enjoy incredible sex. Her dates can never wait for the invitation to start pulling down that zipper…