Fucked in my latex catsuit on Halloween

On Halloween night one of my girlfriend's had a party and invited everyone she knew. I had the perfect outfit to wear; my black latex rubber catsuit and cat woman mask. I thought it would get me a few interested looks but it turned out to be a bigger hit than I was expecting. All of the guys were checking me out, even the ones who were there with their girlfriends. Those ladies were not happy with me as their men stared at me, running their eyes over my body as the shiny latex stretched over my curves and showing them off. This one guy made it so obvious he wanted me and he was cute so I made eye contact with him and nodded towards the hallway. I put my drink down, started going upstairs to the bedroom and knew that he would be following me.

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I walked into the room and was about to turn around and shut the door when I heard it close behind me. He was quicker than I thought. I turned to face him and he put his hands around me, pulling me close. "You look so fucking hot." he told me as he ran his hands over me, making the latex rubber gently move over my skin.

"He roughly pushed me towards the wall"

I gave a little moan and was about to take things to the bed when he roughly pushed me towards the wall and stood behind me. I felt a shiver of excitement go through me and my pussy began to ache. "I'm going to fuck you so hard." he said as I felt him tug at the zipper on the back of my catsuit. A light coldness hit my back as the catsuit fell open and I stood still as he pulled it down past my hips, stopping mid-thigh. I braced myself against the wall and he leaned over me, his hard dick pressing against my ass. He rubbed it over me a few times then moved it lower, sliding it along my pussy lips then pushing the tip inside. My lips parted around it and he groaned deep in his throat as he shoved into me, going deep inside. His dick filled me as he began fucking me, thrusting hard and panting on my neck. My body rocked forward with every thrust and my hands slipped on the wall. I couldn't stop myself from crying out every few seconds and hoped no one would hear us and see what was going on. His fingernails dug into my hips as he pulled me onto his dick as he pushed forward, impaling myself on him. My pussy was soaking and tightening around him as he went faster.

I rolled my hips, meeting his thrusts and suddenly came when he rubbed my clit. My upper body fell towards the wall while he kept me upright, too intent on fucking me. I was starting to come down when I felt him swell and cum inside me.

"He smiled and zipped my catsuit back up"

When he was done I pushed myself away from the wall, straightening myself up. I looked over my shoulder at him as I pulled my catsuit back up and watched as he put himself away. When he was done I asked him to do up my zipper. He smirked at me and said "Wouldn't it just be easier to leave it open for the next guy?" I laughed and waved my hand behind me."Just do it and I won't tell your girlfriend where you've been for the last ten minutes." He smiled, replied "Fair enough." and zipped my latex catsuit back up. We went back to the party and all night long I could feel his cum dripping out of my pussy and making the crotch of my latex catsuit all slick.