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How I Became Addicted To Latex Sex

Jennifer contacted us to tell her story on how she became addicted to having latex sex. And it seems to us that it was by an coincidence she discovered how attractive men found her when dressed up in her borrowed latex catsuit!

I’m relatively new to the world of latex lovers. In fact, I can pretty much pinpoint the exact moment that I became addicted to latex and when it started to play a central role in my love life.

Last year on the Saturday before Halloween, I had a party to go to but had absolutely nothing to wear. For years I’d done the whole “paint whiskers and go as a cat” deal but I wanted to do something a little more daring, a little more exciting.

My friend, Samantha, said that she had the perfect outfit that she could lend me and right before the party, I arrived at her house so she could help me get dressed. Imagine my surprise when she presented me with this amazing black latex catsuit. I’d never seen anything like it. Paired with these kickass spiky heels she said that the men at the party wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off me. And, boy! She was right!

When I arrived at the party, it was in full swing. I could feel many pairs of eyes follow me as I made my way to the bar to get a drink. It took less than five minutes for the first man to hit on me. I didn’t have to pay for a single drink all night and every time I got a cigarette out, several different lighters were presented to me in order to light it. Men have never been so attentive!

After I’d been at the party for about an hour, I went to the bathroom and was followed by this gorgeous man. He kept running his hands up and down my latex covered arms and legs. We had explosive sex in the cubicle in the bathroom. The friction of the latex certainly added a real eroticism to the encounter. Before the night was over, I found myself leading another man by his tie to the same bathroom. The latex catsuit made me bold and forward. I have never felt sexier in my life. The sex was just amazing!

The next day, I visited on the web for the first time and became a member. A fellow member recommended several stores to me and I went out and bought the most incredible red latex catsuit for myself. It had some really kinky openings and made me feel so turned on.

It wasn’t long before I got to put it to good use! Through Latex Sex Dates met a man and we had several sexual encounters. He loved me to wear the red catsuit during sex and we played peek-a-boo with the openings! So sexy!

I’ve now dated five men in my area that I met through Latex Sex Dates. They feel the same way about latex sex as I do and they all love my red catsuit. It adds so much to my sex life. It was the best purchase that I’ve ever made!

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