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Latex Catsuit Videos

Do you have a love of latex, catsuits, and hot babes? If so, you should check out these three amazing videos!

Mistress Jean Bardot in Red Latex Catsuit

This video of Mistress Jean Bardot is one of my favorites. It starts off by informing you that “the following preview has been approved for mature kinky audiences by the Motion Picture Association of America.” That both made me smile and created some anticipation for the video that followed. The rest of this three minute video consists of various pictures and video clips of Jean Bardot in a red latex catsuit. Of all the pictures and video clips, my favorite has got to be around 0:32 when a sexy blonde is licking the latex-clad legs of Ms. Bardot.

Chinese Girl in Catsuit

The next video on my list of sexy latex catsuit videos is this one. It features a sexy Chinese girl wearing a hot red latex catsuit. I especially like this video because of how it’s presented. It starts off with the sexy woman walking down a street to get home. Her shorts are really short and her shirt is long enough to cover them, which is super hot. Then, she gets dressed up in a red catsuit. When you watch that part, it’s almost as if she was your hot Chinese girl getting dressed up for you. Thinking about it like that will really drive you wild.

Girlfriend in Black Latex Catsuit The two other videos featured red latex catsuits, but this one has my favorite color of catsuit instead. In my opinion, black is the sexiest color for a latex catsuit. The color of the catsuit, however, is far from the sexiest thing about this video. The sexiest thing is that this video is all about a girl getting out of the bath and into a catsuit. My favorite parts include one segment where she is getting dressed and you see some of her breast. You see the right amount for it to be a huge tease. Another great part is at 1:37 when she is zipping the black latex catsuit up from the back, and you get a great view of her ass. Like the video before, watching this can really make you feel like she’s your girlfriend getting ready for you to have some fun.

Sexy Red and Black Latex Catsuit Videos

I really enjoyed these videos, so I hope that you do too. If you’re into hot women and sexy catsuits, then you’ll appreciate these clips. Probably the hardest thing about watching them will be deciding which you liked best! One recommondation would be these videos with Heike - The Latex Fetish Queen
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