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Lexi and Natasha enjoys latex catsuit sex

I’d only been dating Natasha for a few weeks when she told me that she wanted to take our relationship a little bit further and wanted to see how adventurous I was. It was great having a girlfriend that was the same size as me because she was always lending me her clothes or shoes.

One night after we’d had a glass of wine Natasha said that she had a present to show me and she took me upstairs. Hanging on her wardrobe door were two red latex catsuits. I knew that she was into latex sex and she often wore her latex thigh high boots in bed when we had sex, but this was something knew! She explained that she wanted us both to wear the catsuits whilst we fucked and that she thought I’d really enjoy it.

I look at the bright red catsuit, ran my hands across the fabric, feeling the smooth material. There were strategic zips so that various parts of the body could be exposed without having to take it off – very clever and very erotic!

Natasha showed me how to stretch and smooth the fabric over my body to get the catsuit on. She kneeled between my legs and helped me to push out any wrinkles so that it fitted me like a glove. The fabric felt so amazingly glossy and tight. I watched as she also put on her catsuit. Feeling her body against mine whilst we were both wearing latex was absolutely amazing.

We spent hours, playing and exploring that night. Natasha produced two PVC dildos and we used the zips in the catsuits to have fun. I loved her to lick my nipples through the latex, but it was even better when she opened the zips around my tits and licked my skin. Using shiner spray we could rub up and down each other bodies, the friction heating out skin until we both climaxed.

The next morning, Natasha suggested that we invite a man to join us next time. I found that idea really exciting, since I’d always been into both men and women but had never had a threesome. The thought of a threesome whilst in my latex catsuit was arousing.

We logged into the computer and joined to find a latex sex partner. I couldn’t believe how many local guys were up for fun! We organized a date with Adam and we’re seeing him later this week. I can’t wait!

If you want to see latex sex clips, then this video with Playmate Jannina Hofmann in her pink catsuit is highly recommended. Lesbians in catsuits are also a real tease to watch, and this video is absolutely amazing with two lesbians in red and black latex catsuits!
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