My Girlfriend Jess In A Latex Catsuit Surprise

My girlfriend Jess has always liked to dress sexy and she has a wardrobe full of naughty little kink outfits. She loves latex and owns latex leggings, latex tank tops and latex skirts in a few different colours. I think it's amazing that she's into this and she looks so sexy when she's dressed in latex. It makes me go crazy for her and I just can't get enough of her. I wanted to get her a surprise and ordered her a red latex catsuit that I found on eBay from a firm that specialized in latex. I found it on the front porch when I got home from work and hid it under my jacket. Jess was in the living room and I went straight to the bedroom, trying not to get her attention. I took of my coat and opened the box, taking the gift wrapped catsuit out of the plain brown box. I threw the box into the back of the closet so I could get rid of it later and put the catsuit neatly on the bed. I then went to get Jess.

She was trying to pick out a DVD and I went up behind her. I slipped my arms around her waist and held her close as I told her there was a gift for her on our bed.She looked so excited as she pulled away from me and eagerly went to see what it was. I thought of her slipping on the latex catsuit, the way it would slide over her skin. I started to get hard and when she came back a few minutes later I had a nice bulge in the front of my trousers. She looked so sexy as she came towards me in her red shiny latex catsuit. It looked even better than I thought it would. Jess smiled at me and threw her arms around me as she said "Thank you! I love it, it's perfect." I held her and ran my hands down her back and over her ass. She let me touch her as much as I wanted to, letting me take my time. I cupped and squeezed her ass, even giving her a sharp little smack before gently pushing her away from me. I needed to see the rest of her.

I Was Expecting To Feel More Latex

The latex stretched over her breasts and showed off her body perfectly. I held her hips then slowly slid my hands up to her breasts. I cupped and squeezed them, the latex giving them a slightly thick and slick feeling. She moaned and told me how wet I was making her and I reached between her legs. I was expecting to feel more latex but she had already unzipped the crotch, giving me her pussy. I pushed her down on the couch and got between her legs. She put them over my shoulder as I went for her pussy. I could smell the latex, a slightly thick scent as I started to lick her and her legs twitched. The latex rubbed over my face and it slipped under my hands as I pushed my tongue inside her. I licked her slowly then went a bit faster as she got wetter. I licked every part of her until she was writhing under me and gasping for breath. I knew I was going to spend the rest of the night with her like this and wanted her to have a night full of orgasms. The more I waited for mine the more time I would have to enjoy her so I pushed my tongue against her clit and licked her non-stop.

She came hard, pressing herself back into the sofa as her hips pushed up. Her pussy rubbed over my mouth and her juices slid down my throat. Jess began to relax and I moved away from her pussy. When she had calmed down I suggested taking things to the bedroom where we'd have more room to play. And of course she had to keep her new latex outfit on!

Girl In Full Red Latex Catsuit
Image Source: Fireinaurora / Instagram