Having Sex Wearing My New Latex Outfit

My boyfriend knows I like trying different things in the bedroom, I just love dressing up as a naughty nurse or school girl. It's fun but a few weeks ago I mentioned wanting to do something a little kinkier and exciting. I then forgot all about it until last night when he surprised me with a new outfit that screamed 'kinky girl'. He gave me red latex leggings with matching red latex gloves. I love them and put them on right away. I stripped down to nothing and put them on in the bathroom while he got naked then I made my appearance.

The Latex Covered His Shaft

He was lying in bed and teasingly stroking his dick while waiting for me. He stopped when he heard me coming and looked up at me with horny eagerness. I crawled on the bed to him, my breasts squeezed together by my arms. His eyes weren't on them though, he was too busy looking at the bottom half of my arms which were covered by the latex gloves. I stopped in front of him, gave him a long kiss and thanked him for buying them for me. I then pushed his legs apart and settled myself between them. I braced my hands on the bed behind me and lifted a foot up, running my toes along his dick. I could feel a slight tug as the latex moved over him and he let out a soft moan. I lifted my other foot and used it to keep his dick steady while my toes gently pressed their way down his shaft. I gave his balls a few rubs then wrapped my feet around his dick. He shuddered as the latex covered his shaft and I pumped his dick with them. I did it slowly and listened to him beg me to go faster. I did but only a bit because there was more to come. When he was on his way to cumming I stopped and he let out a frustrated sigh which I just ignored. I put my hand on him and pressed down as I reached over to the nightstand.

I Slid My Hand Lightly Up And Down His Shaft

I opened the drawer and took out a bottle of oil then sat back down and put some in the palm of my hand. I curled my fingers into my palm, smearing the oil on them and put my hand around his dick. I slid my hand lightly up and down his shaft, making him all slick then closed my fingers tighter around him. I kept near his head and rubbed my thumb over it in slow circles. It drove him nuts and he nearly lost his mind when I gave the underside of his head a few firm rubs. "Do you like that?" I murmured and he breathed out a heavy "Yeah." I could see his stomach and thighs tense up as I slid my hand down and covered his shaft again. I stroked him slowly and built up to a faster rhythm, my hand easily sliding over him as he twitched between my fingers. He made noises in the back of his throat and I cupped his balls with my other hand, gently squeezing on them until I felt them jerk up. He started to cum, wet slippery strands of wetness squirted out of him and landed on my fist.

She gave me a latex handjob last night!

It slid down my latex gloves lowly as more cum spilled on me and I didn't let up because I wanted him to feel my tight wet fingers on him until every last drop was out. He closed his eyes and reached for me, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards him. I laid down beside him and put my legs on top of his so he could feel my latex leggings on him. My wet fingers stroked his chest as he relaxed under my touch and I knew he was going to have great dreams of me tonight.