I'll Take It - My New Catsuit

The man that she'd been chatting to on Latex Sex Dates had been the one to give her the address. The girl would never have thought of looking for a shop like this otherwise. She hesitated outside for a while, looking at the alluring window display, whilst jostled by shoppers hurrying up and down the street, with their heads bent low against the wind and the rain.

Quietly the girl stepped through the shop doorway and stood in the threshold. She smoothed her red hair away from her face. Her senses were immediately assailed by the range of items available. Outfits hung from hooks, in all imaginable colours, but with black dominating. There were masks and toys and heels that were so high she was sure that she'd never be able to walk in them. She could smell the latex and the sweet scent of powder. She stepped forward and ran her nails down a particularly tempting catsuit. It had zips in all the right places! She gently rubbed the latex between her thumb and her forefinger, revelling in the erotic feel of the material.

"Lovely, isn't it?" said a voice behind her. She turned her head slightly, but kept her hand resting on the latex. The female shop assistant was younger than her, blonde with blue eyes, so innocent looking. She was wearing an excruciatingly tight latex tank top and hot pants in bright electric blue. "Why don't you try it on? It would suit you."

The girl smiled and reached up to free the catsuit from the hanger and the shop assistant showed her to the changing rooms. As the door was closed, she had to smile as she saw a flier tacked to the back of the door adverting Latex Sex Dates, the very reason for her being there.

Quickly she shed her clothes until she stood naked in the fitting room. Picking up the catsuit, she brought it to her face and inhaled the erotic smell of the latex, whilst rubbing the material against her cheek.

The blonde shop assistant knocked. "Do you need any help?" she asked and without waiting, she opened the door and slipped into the tiny room. In the close confines of the changing room, the assistant is pushed up against the redheaded girl.

Together they rolled the latex over the girl's skin, smoothing it down, pushing out the creases. The sounds of latex moving against latex added to the electric atmosphere. As the blonde assistant pulled up the long zip at the back, she moved the girl's long red hair and dropped a kiss onto the back of her neck. Then she reached her hands around and deftly opened the two zips beneath the girl's breasts, exposing her hardening buds. Rolling her nipples between her fingers, the assistant elicited a gasp from the girl who leaned back against her, latex rubbing against latex.

The assistant trailed her hand across the girl's latex enclosed naval, down towards the vertical zip that stretched between her legs. Grasping the zip between her long nails the blonde slowly opened it, exposing the girl's throbbing pussy. She slipped her hand through the gap and splayed her palm against her hardening nub. The girl's knees began to tremble and they both knew her release wouldn’t be long.

The assistant began to move her hand around slowly, dipping her fingers down between the girl's legs. Slick juice began to oil the latex, making it slippery. She moved her hand quicker, grinding her palm against the girl's clit, before inserting two fingers into her sopping cunt, faster and faster, the friction against the latex turning them both on even further. With a hoarse cry, the girl came hard, sex juices oozing down her legs, making the latex catsuit stick to her. She rested back against the blonde assistant, panting.

"What do you think?" asked the assistant.
"I'll take it," the girl sighs.

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