Kate just moved into the apartment downstairs and she's pretty hot. I saw one of the other guys in our building eyeing her up and decided to ask her out before he did. For our first date she wore a short dark blue dress and black latex tights and I couldn't believe how sexy she looked. The latex stretched tightly over her, showing off her legs and I had to stop myself from grabbing her just so I could run my hands across them. During our date I got the impression that she was the kind of woman who's confident and likes to take charge which was a nice change from the women I usually go out with.

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As soon as we got back to her place she took me to her bedroom and told me to get undressed. She stood there watching as I took my clothes of then she lowly took her dress off. I got hard as I watched her doing her little striptease and was disappointed when she suddenly stopped. I wanted to see every inch of her. Kate stood there in just her latex tights and came towards me. She stood in front of me, pressing her body against mine and told me to rub my dick against her legs. She had them parted slightly and I slipped between them, rocking my hips back and forth.

The soft latex tugged on me as I moved and it felt good, making me go faster. She let out a little laugh, probably thinking it was funny that she was turning me on so much by doing something so small but I didn't care. I held her hips, my fingers squeezing the latex as I tugged her closer to me, keeping constant contact. I kept going, smearing pre-cum all over her inner thighs until she pushed me away an took me to the bed. She pulled me down on top of her and put my hand on my chin, forcing me to look at her. She had a naughty little smile as she said "I want you to fuck me so good that I'll still be able to feel you tomorrow." There was a challenging look in her eyes and I set out to show her a good time. I found the small, almost hidden zipper on the front of her tights and pulled it down, exposing her pussy and the curves of her ass. I leaned over her and pushed forward, entering her slowly. She let out a asp and I started fucking her, my hands holding her hips so I could stroke her latex covered legs. I gave her hard, long thrusts, my lower body rubbing against hers and the latex tugged my skin. I moaned into her neck as she told me to keep going.

I grunted as I pounded her soaking wet pussy and the sweet, sexy latex was all I could feel. Her hand slid up my arm and held me as she writhed under me. She let out a deep groan as she started to cum and I felt the change in her. I made me wild seeing the look on her face as she came and after a few more thrusts I started cumming.

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I pulled out of her and laid there while she rolled onto her side, putting her head on my shoulder. "Did you enjoy that?" she whispered in my ear as her hand stroked my chest and I nodded breathlessly. I really hope she wears latex on our next date.

Black Latex Tights On A Date
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