Latex Catsuit and Gloves

I've spent ages online looking for the perfect sex toy to play with; she needed to be submissive and wear head to toe latex. I finally came across Danielle and told her exactly what I wanted. She showed up to the hotel on time and I let her in. She took her jacket off and I immediately started to get hard. She was wearing a black latex catsuit that went right to the top of her neck and latex gloves.

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Her face was the only skin visible and she looked at me with wide eyes as she said "Did I do a good job for Daddy?" That was hot and unexpected, I just wanted her even more after that. "Yeah you did a real good job." I told her and took the rest of my clothes off before pulling her towards me. I held her hand and intertwined my fingers with hers. "You remember what I wanted" I asked and she nodded, pulling her hand away. She reached down and found my hard dick. She put her hand on it and I throbbed as she gently squeezed it. I closed my eyes and she began to stroke me, the latex pulling roughly on my skin. It was uncomfortable but not enough to make me want to stop. She held me while going to the bed and only let go when I went to lie down. She grabbed the bottle of lube of the night stand and squirted some onto her hand. She then put her hand around my dick, making a wet tight fist on me. She held my dick still as she climbed on me, straddling me so that her back was facing me. She slid down, pressing her latex covered body against my naked one and began to jerk me off.

Her hand slid over my shaft with fast steady strokes and I nearly died when she gave a little twist near the head. Her other hand stroked my pubic area and I rubbed my hands over her. The light bounced off the latex and I traced it with my fingers, pressing into those areas and feeling her soft skin underneath dimple. She jerked me off faster and ran her thumb across my head, making my slit ache, Her hand that was on my pubic area slid down to my balls and she bounced them in the palm of her hand. They landed on her with soft little thuds and I told her I liked that. She did it a few more times then just cupped them, keeping them in that little latex cushion. When I was about to cum she leaned close to my dick and tugged gently down on my balls. It felt weird but amazing and made my orgasm even better.

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She climbed off me and turned around to face me. I could see my cum dripping down her face and on one of her latex gloves. She rubbed her fingers together, spreading my cum all over them then straddled me again. She sat low on my stomach and massaged my chest with her hands. The clean glove tugged my skin while the messy one slid over me.

"Daddy, you're really dirty." she said and I just laid under her thinking 'You have no idea.'.