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Top 5 Adult Latex Sex Blogs

Tumblr is pretty neat. It’s a great tool for connecting with people around the world and sharing images and thoughts. I, however, love it for more than its usefulness in helping people create blogs easily. I like it because so many people use it to share sexy latex images. As you can guess from the title, this post is all about the best five of these fantastic blogs.

5 - Love for the Latex

It was pretty hard to figure out how to order these blogs - they’re all fantastic - but I ended up starting with this one. Love for the Latex is all about bringing you sexy pictures of women in latex. The majority of the pictures are catsuits, but there’s a lot of variety between them. The images range from neon colored full-body catsuits, to the traditional black mask. This blogger posts at least once every few days, and sometimes they post twelve or more pictures in a single day!

4 - Latex and Slaves

Latex is always fun, but so is BDSM. You know what’s even better? When you combine the two! Check out Latex and Slaves to get a good mix of sexy latex and hot slaves. I must warn you though; some of the images do involve cock cages. Most of them, however, are of lovely ladies in sexy positions.

3 - Ass Latex and Dick!

Despite the name, a lot of the images on Ass Latex and Dick! are of sexy females. The “ass” part of the name, however, is definitely a prevalent component of this awesome blog. It was created by a bisexual female latex lover who is currently 23 years old. She posts at least once a few days with one or more pictures. There’s a lot of variety in what she posts, so chances are that you’ll end up finding something that you like, so it’s worth it to go check out.

2 - Hot Babes and Lots of Latex

The name of this blog leaves no doubt about it’s subject. Hot Babes and Lots of Latex is a latex lover’s dream. The owner of this blog posts daily with a huge variety of posts. The content on this site ranges from fully clothed and classy ladies to stripped naked hotties. It’s a great site to follow to help you get your daily dose of latex sex and hot babes!

1 - Sexy Latex Models Blog

We’re down to number one on our list! The personal blog that gets to be labeled as my favorite is the Sexy Latex Models Blog. Latex sex plus models has got to be one of my favorite things, and I’m sure it’s one of your too. Check out this blog for approximately 8 to 10 new pictures of elegant babes on a daily basis. Nothing will drive you wilder than a sexy latex woman with a hungry look in her eye!

The Best Personal Latex Sex Blogs

These are my five favorite personal latex sex blogs on the web. I hope you enjoy them too! If you haven’t got an account already, I recommend setting up a Tumblr and following these five blogs right away - you won’t regret it! I also recommend these videos with Lady Vanessa - The Latex Fetish Queen!

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