Wearing My Latex Dress In Philadelphia

I had never been to Philadelphia before and the first thing I wanted to do was check out the clubs. I looked online to see where the good ones were in Philadelphia and found one that looked like a lot of fun.

I took out my black latex dress and slipped it on before doing my hair and makeup then took one last look in the mirror. It was low cut and showed off my round, firm tits. Between that and my loose blonde hair I looked like the right mix of trashy. Good, I love men who have a latex fetish and I was sure to get a guy like that tonight to play with. I was at the bar ordering a drink when this guy came over. He said his name was Sean and that he didn't remember seeing me before. I told him I was only visiting Philadelphia for a week and he asked me if I was staying with friends. I told him I was at a nice hotel, maybe he'd get a chance to see it. At the end of the night he did more than just see it, he came in it.

I shut the door behind us and he pushed me against it. He ran his hands over my tits and I knew they looked amazing with the latex stretched tightly over them. He said it felt nice and I reached down only to find he was already hard for me. He felt big and I couldn't wait to have in me. I gave his dick a few squeezes though his pants then went over to the bed. He roughly turned me so my back was to him and bent me over it. I braced my hands on the mattress as I felt him rub his hands over my ass. He took a hand away and a few seconds later I felt a stinging pain as he brought it down hard. "I love the sound of skin hitting latex." he said as he smacked me again and again. It hurt and I gave little cries as each blow landed on me. It also felt good though and I asked him to do it harder. He finally stopped when I had tears running down my face and he grabbed the hem of my dress. He roughly yanked it up and the latex pulled across my skin. He left it around my waist, kicked my legs apart and pushed a finger inside my pussy. He laughed when he felt how wet I was and took it out. I heard a zipper go down and then hands on my hips.

I bent lower and he pushed inside me then began to thrust in and out of me. I love this position, he got in real deep and every time he thrust he hit my clit. I pushed back against him as my fingers gripped the sheets. I felt tingles go through me as my pussy throbbed at the pounding it was getting. I arched my hips and my clit was hit hard. I came with a loud cry and he kept going. He grunted and his thrusts got harder then he tensed up. His cum filled me as he gave a few last thrusts then pulled out.

I stood up and felt his cum drip out of me as I pulled my dress down, the latex pulling on my skin once more. He put himself back in his pants, told me to have a good time in Philadelphia and left.

Hot Latex Dress In Philadelphia
Image Source: Emma Moen / Instagram